Aaron Bivins

Photo of Aaron Bivins

Aaron Bivins is an Atlanta, Georgia native and three-time Georgia Tech graduate – BSCE (2007), MSEnvE (2015), PhD EnvE (2019). He is a public health engineer interested in microbes, engineered systems, and human health. He seeks to characterize the interactions between humans and pathogens mediated by various kinds of water. During his dissertation, he used dead-end ultrafiltration and droplet digital PCR to quantify fecal-oral pathogens in drinking water supplies and quantitative microbial risk assessment to estimate the public health risks attributable to intermittent water supplies. This research builds on his professional experience designing and permitting various hydraulic infrastructure including water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater systems. Aaron is a licensed civil engineer in the state of Georgia. In his free time, Aaron can be found fishing cold water streams for his favorite water quality indicator – the rainbow trout.


Dr. Bivins is now an Assistant Professor at LSU!