COVID-19 WBE Collaborative

Author: Katherine Crank

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Dr. Aaron Bivens, a post doctoral fellow with the GERM lab and the Environmental Change Initiative at Notre Dame has produced in collaboration with the Sewage Analysis CORe group Europe (SCORE) and the Global Water Pathogen Project the COVID-19 Wastewater Based Epidemiology Collaborative. This website will serve as a hub to coordinate and promote the efforts of research groups undertaking WBE for COVID-19. The collaborative website includes access to a Slack channel and a page. Harmonization of methods, quality control, and reporting are critical to generalize the findings of WBE studies. provides access to methodological resources for sewage surveillance and data analysis. Currently, there are 195 members in the working group. Efficient and timely communication is the heart of any productive collaboration. The collaborative also includes access to the COVID-19 WBEC Slack Workspace. There are many interesting and useful channels for disseminating information relevant to WBE for SARS-CoV-2. Currently, there are over 100 active members in the Slack Workspace. Please join in! Join here.