College of Sciences & Engineering Joint Annual Meeting

Author: Katherine Crank

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Zhenyu Wu
Justin Greaves


GERM lab was out in full force at the COSE-JAM event on December 13 in Jordan Hall. Brooke Stemple presented a poster entitled "Subsurface CO2 injection drives microbial ecology and biogeochemistry". Justin Greaves presented a poster entitled "Fate of Fecal Pollution Indicators in Environmental Waters", and Zhenyu Wu presented "Potential suitability of crAssphage as a viral fecal pollution process indicator during wastewater treatment". Katherine Crank presented a talk on her paper entitled "Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Swimming in Sewage Impacted Waters Using CrAssphage and Pepper Mild Mottle Virus in a Customizable Model".

A good time was had by all.



Brooke Stemple